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Welcome to The One Stop Shop for All Your Smoke Shop Glass Pipe and Accessory Needs.

We are proud to announce our own Electronic Cigarette brand called Magic Wand! We have them in 6 different colors included pink, black, blue, silver, white and purple.

We also have a variety of E-liquid to choose from and we are sure you will be happy with the selection and flavors! Please visit the Magic Wand website for more details and your electronic smoke shop needs click here

We offer the nation's widest variety of handpipes, water pipes, hookahs, bowls, ash catchers, grinders, scales, lighters, and other smoke shop accessories. All items are sold at the nation's lowest cost.

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We believe in customer satisfaction. We provide our customers with superior smoke products at the lowest prices and superior customer service.


Go ahead and view all the terrific items we have to offer. We are adding new items weekly, so make sure to check out our Website every week.